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Our Impact

Decades of Influence

Over the past 25 years, the Wassmuth Center for Human rights has become a respected nonpartisan institution whose primary mission is to promote respect for human dignity and diversity through education, and to foster individual responsibility to work for justice and peace. 

To achieve this mission, we provide educational programming and resources for teachers and students – in the classroom, throughout the community, and online. Additionally, more than 10,000 people are educated through docent-led tours of the Memorial each year. Finally, we provide support for companies, organizations, and municipalities looking to establish or refine their own human rights initiatives. Moving forward, we expect our programming to become a primary resource for prevention of and recovery from human rights crises. 

To meet this goal, we strive to deliver timely, impactful programming that elicits meaningful dialogue.

“Make injustice visible.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Impact Statistics

Over 120,000 visitors to the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial annually

Over 200 Idaho Educators trained in the “Spiral of Injustice”

Over 7,500 students participate in docent-led tours each year

28 students in the first cohort of the Wassmuth Youth Leadership Program

34 students currently in the second cohort of the Wassmuth Youth Leadership Program

Over 1,000 “Be an Upstander” and “Spiral of Injustice” poster sets distributed to classrooms and businesses throughout the United States

17 Wassmuth Human Rights Education Fellows in 2023

22 Wassmuth Human Rights Education Fellows in 2024

Over 600 bicycles and backpacks distributed to village children in Cambodia as part of “Pedals and Packs”

Over 50 children enrolled in the 2023 Wassmuth Kindness Camp

Over 300 annual student entries in the Human Rights Art & Writing Awards Program

Over 1,600 8th graders attended a Wassmuth Sponsored Living Voices performance in both 2023 and 2024

There was a debate on the plane home as to who needed the service more– us or them? And I can say that we did change the children’s lives… we gave them a tool that will ride them to success… but my mind, heart, and even spirit have been forever changed by the people, work, and actions I encountered in Cambodia. The real answer is not in ‘us or them,’ but in ‘we’. Together, Cambodians and Americans created a synergy I hope to replicate both here, and there — when I return next year to lead others along the path I was so fortunate to travel.


The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights not only does vital work to bring our society together, but also, its Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is the most inspiring monument to advance social justice anywhere in the United States. The Memorial is a must-see if you are anywhere near Boise, and even merits a special trip to Boise otherwise. And Boise is a wonderful city with lots to do and such spectacular people – one of America’s gems.


Be a Part of Building Our Future

The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights is 100% dependent on donations. We need your help to continue the valuable work being done in classrooms and communities throughout the state.

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