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The History of Human Rights in Idaho

Learning about the history of the fight for human rights in Idaho is an important first step in anyone’s human rights educational journey. From discrimination against Japanese, Latinx, and disabled people to the fight for LGBTQ rights, the rocky road to equality in Idaho has much to teach us.

History of Jews in Idaho

History of Chinese in Idaho

Americans Under Guard

The Voices of Idaho

The Voices of Idaho podcast is a platform that amplifies the voices of those working on human rights issues in our communities. These personal stories illuminate the fight for human rights, fostering positive, lasting change by inspiring others to take action.

Episode One: The Voice of Idaho

Episode Two: Esteban Galan

Episode Three: Gretchen Bates

Equality in Dignity and “Writes”

Learn about the lives of the 12 prominent leaders whose powerful words are etched into the stone of the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Each module features an opportunity to engage further with the video content, prompting you with questions and a chance to reflect on how you can help promote and protect human rights. From Frederick Douglass to Dr. Maya Angelou, let these incredible minds inspire you to be the light.

Bill Wassmuth

Margaret Mead

Change Your World Celebration

Each year, the Center hosts an event to raise awareness about its educational programs featuring a particular theme representative of that moment in time. It is an opportunity for the public to not only learn about the work of the Center but to promote engagement in the coming year, whether it is to be a docent, volunteer, or offer financial support; all participation is welcome.

17th Annual Change Your World Celebration

18th Annual Virtual Change Your World Celebration

20th Annual Change Your World Celebration

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