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How to Get Involved


The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights largely depends on donations. We need your help to continue the valuable work being done in classrooms and communities throughout the state of Idaho. We offer many easy ways to give to the Center and our goals. We appreciate your support.


Looking for a fulfilling way to spend your time? The Center welcomes docents, event planners, social media experts, and more. Get in touch with us and share your skills with the community.


Are you a student interested in an internship at the Wassmuth Center? We offer both summer and school-year opportunities. For more information, click below!

Travel & Cultural Encounters

Join the Wassmuth Center on one of our travel and cultural encounter opportunities. We offer a variety of options designed for both learning and fun. For more information, see below!


Throughout the year, the Wassmuth Center has several public events that offer individuals or companies sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in learning more, click below.

Become a Docent

The Wassmuth Center seeks passionate community members to lead tours and facilitate discussions.

Have Questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about getting involved.

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